A interactive worksheet customized to your goals so you create an actionable plan for the next 90 days to get to your bigger goals

90 Day Plan


Low-Effort, High Impact

Presented by

Marisa Messick

of Quill & Co. Design

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In this worksheet you will get a video-walkthrough and an interactive spreadsheet that works with your specific goals for you and your business.

I  want you to create your 90-day action plan based on what’s going to make the most impact on your business with the least amount of effort. I think it’s the perfect exercise to evaluate your business and see what steps you can take now to get to that bigger goal.

This worksheet is going to help you set your yearly goal, break it down quarterly and monthly, based on your services, and then give you a 90-day plan of actions to take to get to those goals.

I know how easy it is to get distracted with all of the things you want to do in your business so this worksheet is designed to help you get your goals out of your head onto “paper” and see which action items you should implement now to get to your bigger goals.

After working through it, you will have a 90-day action plan setup with steps that will get you to your dream goals in your dream business that you are obsessed with.

You have no clue what you should be charging in order to reach your goals

You’re constantly “throwing spaghetti at the wall” hoping that something will stick and constantly getting distracted by what you "should" be doing.

You dream of doing all of the things in your business but don’t know which ideas will have the most impact on your business.

You have a goal income you’d love to reach but have no idea how you will get there.

You feel like you never have time to work on your business and feel like you’re stuck.

This is for you if ...

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Over the last five years, I’ve worked to build a multi-six-figure business that gives me joy and freedom. My mission is to help designers (like yourself) build a profitable and sustainable business — while overcoming burnout, imposter syndrome, and self sabotage. I’m obsessed with teaching designers what I’ve learned along the way — so you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I did. Because you deserve to have a design business that you're obsessed with and that supports your life. And it becomes SO much easier with some guidance from someone who’s been there, done that.
A few years ago, potential clients would tell me that my $800 design packages were too expensive. But once I started implementing my brand strategy framework - Now I book five-figure design projects and I can’t wait to help you do it too.

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