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How I was able to double my rates overnight and how you can too. 

How to sell brand strategy to people that "just want a logo"

Here's what you'll learn:


How to sell brand strategy to people that "just want a logo"

Or maybe you've bought a brand strategy template or framework but you aren't really sure how to use it. Maybe you're sending a brand questionnaire to your client and calling it "strategy" but you know you could be providing more value to your clients. Or maybe you keep hearing the term "brand strategy" and you aren't really sure what it even means. And that's not your fault! I mean, everyone is talking about “how important brand strategy is” but no one is talking about what it is or what should be included. If you're confused about what brand strategy even is and if you should be providing it, I want you to know:

Stuck trying to figure out brand strategy on your own?

you are so not alone.

I know you want to:

Be able to book high paying clients that value your creative work without all the stress

Make more visionary work 

Solve bigger problems for your client while spending less time on revisions and trying to read your client’s mind!

so you can start charging expert fees, step into the most confident version of you, and make your best work yet.

And that's why I've put together this brand strategy crash course

Meet Marisa

Hey friend! If we haven't met yet, I'm Marisa, and I help brand designers like you become confident in their brand strategy process so they can feel confident they are giving the best client experience and finally book those dreamy clients who truly value their creative work. 

A few years ago, potential clients would tell me that my $800 design packages were too expensive. But once I started implementing my brand strategy framework - Now I book five-figure design projects and I can’t wait to help you do it too.

because no one likes advice from a stranger...

Book dreamy clients that value your creative work

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