Jayne May Agnes Photography does planning and documenting elopements for lovers of the great outdoors so they can feel alive together. We wanted to create a brand that attracted the non-traditional couple and created more confidence and pride in her business.



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Jayne May

Before Jayne’s rebrand, she was having a hard time connecting with her ideal client: the adventurous couple that wasn’t afraid to stray away from societal norms and do things their way. Our goal was to start attracting more of her people and to repel couples that were interested in traditional weddings. Our goal was to also create a brand that would last her several years, that she could grow into, and ultimately make her proud and confident in her business.

The mission:

Through her brand strategy, we uncovered that her new brand should be non-conforming, slightly edgy, adventurous, and bold. We discovered that her brand’s primary archetype is the rebel, which promises change, liberation, and independence. We chose bold colors and green, red, and black and we went with a funky non-traditional font that is often broken up to create an edgy juxtaposition to align with the brand’s core values and voice.

The outcome:

"WOW. I am blown away. The way you laid out the brand voice and archetypes is a game changer for me! I already feel so much more confident and equipped to speak to my audience without fear."
-Jayne May Agnes Photography

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