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Kindled + Kindred is a soulful brand design studio that focuses on show up authentically in your own story. Erin came to me with her own branding and was looking for a website that would connect with her ideal clients. 

The main goal of the website was to guide the users on a natural path to booking her. It was important to Erin to have her website do a lot of the heavy lifting for giving prospective clients all of the information them they may need while not overwhelming them so Erin could spend less time emailing back and forth and more time doing what she loves.  

Erin's process is deeply rooted in story telling so I wanted to break up her branding process into chapters and lay it out more like a book with an index to guide the user through this experience.  It was also important to always guide the user to the next natural step and to never create a dead-end in the user's experience.

“ Since the launch of my new website, I’ve connected with and booked DREAM clients, have had more quality inquiries than ever, and have been able to streamline my process so I spend more time on actual design work and building relationships with clients and my community and less time in my inbox answering the same questions over and over. It’s been an absolute game changer in up-leveling my business and taking things to the next level…I felt like not only did I walk away with an amazing site, but I also learned so much about what goes into web design, why certain decisions were made, and felt empowered with the tools to be set up for success in the future as my business grows and evolves.”
-Erin, Owner Kindled + Kindred

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