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Kindled and Kindred Showit website launch

When Erin, founder of Kindled and Kindred, came to me to create a Showit website for her I was honored and a little bit intimidated. I don’t normally say yes to doing a web design project without also doing the branding and brand identity. But I admire Erin’s sense of style. Her colors, fonts, and […]

Showit Website Launch | Kindled + Kindred

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luke lambertson branding welcome package

Introducing: New Branding Design Launches! In the past, I have just been highlighting new branding and web design launch on my portfolio page. But I want a space that’s a little bit more casual, where I can really go in depth and talk about the process. I also want to highlight some of my favorite […]

Luke Lambertson Photo + Video | Branding Design

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How to write website copy

I’ve noticed that one of the biggest hangups for my clients is writing sales copy for their website. And I totally get it, writing for or about yourself is hard. I am definitely not an authority on this subject, so I am thrilled about today’s guest blog post by Kayla Dean. I’ve admired Kayla’s writing […]

How To Write Sales Copy Without Sounding Salesy




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How to Pick the perfect Color Palette

Nothing annoys me more than when someone says, “Ugh, that is such an ugly color.” I truly believe that there are no ugly colors. However, if you mix the wrong colors together you can create an ugly color palette. There is a science to creating the perfect brand color palette to your brand and the […]

Creating the Perfect Brand Color Palette