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+ Branding and Identity Design
+ Showit Web Design and Development
+ Print Collateral and Pinterest Graphics


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Tiger Lily Photography’s style exists between two main camps of photographers (the fine art “light and airy” photographers and the adventurous and rugged photographers). It was important for us to create a brand identity that communicated her own unique style and allowed her to stand out in her competitive market while appealing to her ideal laid back bride.

To distinguish Tiger Lily Photography’s branding from the other photographers in her area I really wanted to focus on her personal story. Emily named her photography business after her grandmother who had a beautiful garden full of tiger lilies. Dementia eventually took her grandmother’s memories, personality, and ultimately her life, but she still lives on in so many ways. Emily was blessed to have hundreds of photos of her through every stage of her life! I loved that the name of her business had so much meaning to her and tied into Emily’s whole why behind photography: to capture lifetime moments to look back on and that leave a legacy. 

We created a modern and geometric version of a tiger lily as the brand mark to pay homage to her grandmother and her story. The colors are earthy and neutral, making them approachable and accessible yet still mature and refined. We used ripped paper throughout the brand to give a sense of nostalgia and personal touch to the brand. 

The mission:

The outcome:

Through the brand strategy, we discovered the brand’s main archetype was “The Girl Next Door”. The brand promises connection and belonging so it was important to have a brand voice that was friendly, helping, and approachable. The brand visuals naturally have to follow these same key brand pillars. 

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