Behind the brand

Well Set is a chiropractic and wellness center that provides high-quality, personalized, and holistic care. They tailor treatments to each patient's individual needs, with the aim of helping them reach optimal health and wellbeing.


Brand Refresh
Website Design
Website Development

Brand Deep Dive

We began the branding phase of their project during a design intensive. Since Well Set already had a lot of signage, it was essential to keep the logo similar, but give it a more modern makeover. All other parts of the brand were open to change.

It was important for us to let the brand “mature” while still preserving its fun and quirky side. We wanted to maintain the fun, approachable, and friendly energy the brand had but give it a more refined aesthetic that reflected the boutique space of the business. 

Mature Yet Playful

Before Well Set came to us, their brand had a more masculine feel, alienating a large part of their clients. It was essential for the branding to attract both men and women, as the business now covers sports injuries, pregnancy pain, baby positioning, and nursing pain.

Appeal to all genders

Brand In use

We created editable social media graphics for Well Set. This has enabled them to manage their own social media, saving money and producing more effective and meaningful content than when they outsourced.

“[the social media graphics] will be very useful to have in-house instead of paying an outside person. This will save money in the long run and help us show our true identity with more meaningful posts.”

- Jace | Founder of well set

Online Experience

We wanted the online experience to reflect the brand identity cohesively. We kept it bright and playful, using dynamic layouts to convey the boutique feel of Well Set.

Medical and wellness jargon can be dull, so we sought to make the website more engaging and dynamic. We used animation and movement to guide users and keep them interested.

Dynamic and engaging

Well Set wanted to make it easy for patients to fill out their new patient forms online before their appointment, as gathering this information was becoming cumbersome and time-consuming. To achieve this, we built out the forms into a multi-step process with conditional formatting. This made the process less overwhelming for patients and saved time for WellSet.

Streamlining operations

“Quill & Co. makes the entire process fun and easy, and the results are exactly what we were hoping for. I am so grateful to have been referred to Quill & Co. by one of our friends!

- Jace | Founder of well set

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