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About Quill & CO.

That's why I Create intentional and strategic brands and web designs, so you can connect with your ideal client in a meaningful way and focus your time on the work you love most.

Being a creative business owner means wearing many hats. From balancing the work that you do best to the daily tasks of running a business, it's easy to be overwhelmed with questions like “is my brand helping - or harming - my business?”

What if I told you that your website could be working for you. Your website should be your best employee! It should help you connect with your ideal client in a meaningful and inspiring way, answer all of their questions, and bring in your best leads - all while you’re spending more time doing what you love. 


Hi, I’m Marisa. I’m a Eugene, Oregon branding and web designer committed to bringing other creatives, makers, and women-owned businesses beautiful and functional branding and design. 

Good design and building meaningful and delightful brands and websites gives me so much joy. It’s what springs me out of bed in the morning (okay, that and the thought of fresh coffee) and keeps me glued to my computer late at night. Good design is my why but watching you succeed from it, now that is my purpose. There is nothing I love more than helping other creative entrepreneurs and women owned businesses create beautiful, functional, and delightful brands that bring them more profit to their business. 

But in order to do that, I want to ask you the hard questions. I want to know your why. I want to know your brand’s promise. Is it kindness, innovation, quality, service? What does your brand stand for and embrace completely?

Are you ready to get the conversation started? Because I’m saying a big “hell yeah!” to getting to know you!

A little bit about me

Hi, I'm Marisa


can't live without


favorite place

somewhere on the beach


guilty pleasure

binge watching netflix


wierdest obsession

french bulldogs


most frequently used emoji

heart eyes


favorite weekend activity

riding bikes with my cutie

Do you identify? I'd be honored to serve you

I serve creative businesses who:


Are ready to invest in branding and web design that converts in order to consistently book their ideal client


have outgrown their DIY branding and website and are ready to trust the expertise and value of a designer


Their current brand doesn't reflect who you they are and what they offer and they are ready to connect with their ideal client in a meaningful way


You are ready to have a brand and website that reflects their worth and brings in more revenue.

You Deserve a more profitable brand

Let's create a beautiful brand and website that increases your profits and converts! 

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