Brand IDENTITY, website design & development

Pairing             design



with                         story

Your brand is a               novel

And your logo is just

chapter one.


How is your audience reading your brand?

Only when your brand has a personality can it truly tell your story right. Isn’t it time to transform your business from the inside out with surefire strategy that unleashes your untapped potential?

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Your website should         your audience

see themselves in

your story.


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Your website should do more than reflect your brand.

We build websites that have

an original feel


innovative usability


functionality that makes an impression the right way


- Erin Johnson | Kindled + Kindred

...and have been able to streamline my process so I spend more time on actual design work and building relationships with clients and my community and less time in my inbox answering the same questions over and over. It's been an absolute game changer in up-leveling my business and taking things to the next level...I felt like not only did I walk away with an amazing site, but I also learned so much about what goes into web design, why certain decisions were made, and felt empowered with the tools to be set up for success in the future as my business grows and evolves.

"Since the launch of my new site... I've had more quality inquiries than ever"

- Sarah Jane | Sarah Jane Photography

Transitioning to a new website has actually increased my SEO by a TON! Having my custom site has really helped with my SEO (being an SEO nerd). I was totally prepared to see a decrease in traffic due to switching sites, and taking a hit to my SEO, but it actually never decreased and mega improved! I'm on page 1 in more places now!”

"I have been able to increase my prices, and the traffic to my site has increased! "

- morgan wirth

Marisa kept me up to date and asked my opinions on everything. She was incredible to work with. I really loved that she invested back into me. She wanted to know me and understand my thought process and my vision for my brand. She didn't make it what she wanted, but instead came up with incredible designs and logos that were ME!

"Since launching, I have received inquiries for higher budget weddings!"

- Luke Lambertson

I came in just wanting a new logo, but I came out with A BRAND! I didn't even think that was what I needed in my life, but I could not be happier with my choice and I think everyone should use Quill & Co.

"She went above and beyond what I could ever want "