Showit Canvas Collection

Push the limits of what's possible with Showit using little to no code.

The Showit Canvas Collection

This collection of Showit canvases and pages will help you create an engaging and dynamic Showit website in minutes, instead of weeks. You won't have to hire a developer, take a coding course, or read another blog post to do it.

10 Showit canvases and pages

Short & digestible canvas specific video tutorials

Instant access to the canvas templates

Two pricing options to fit your specific needs

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pop-up reviews

scrolling galleries

glass effect

scrolling canvas

pulse button pop-up

split screen navigation

split portfolio

image scale on scroll

text reveal on scroll

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Single Use

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Use each canvas once on your own website or a client's website

Unlimited Use

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Use the canvases as many times as you'd like on your own website or a client's website



Bundle & Save

boring websites end here

You're tired of the same ‘ol Showit looks but learning to code can take days if not weeks and at a hefty cost

Right now, you’re struggling to create something that isn’t typically seen on Showit. 

Even if you were going to try to code a custom canvas, where would you even start?

Push the limits of what’s possible in Showit by offering more coded and dynamic add-ons to your websites.

Finally, you can have memorable website designs without paying a developer, spending money on another course, or wasting hours googling for a solution.

the canvas collection

Why you'll love

Instant access to the Canvas Collection so you can start implementing them now

Get hours of your day back while having your website or client's stand out

Different price points to fit your specific needs

Short tutorial videos on how to use each canvas to support you through customizing

10 unique, little to no-code, canvases to plug and play into your website designs

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is this only $397? What’s the catch?


No catch! You get 10 different canvases, each valued at $99, for only $397 for one time use! It all started when I was working on a client's website and began experimenting with coding different scrolling canvases. I was hooked and kept creating. Then it dawned on me that I wanted to share this with other designers, like you! My only goal is to help you create an amazing looking website, in a fraction of the time and cost.


How long will I have access to The Showit Canvas Collection?


You have lifetime access to these canvases! Right after purchase, you will get immediate access that you can plug right away into your Showit Website.


I don't know code and I'm new to Showit. Is this for me?


Yes! No need to be a software developer or a website guru. I’ve designed the Canvas Collection for you to be able to add to your websites right away. Start delivering Showit websites to your clients (and yourself) that stand out beyond a template! The 10, little to no code, canvases will give you the confidence to start creating Showit websites that you didn’t know were possible! However, the template collection does assume that you have a basic understanding of how to use Showit. 


I’m not a web designer . Is the Canvas Collection for me?


Absolutely! This is exactly why I designed the Canvas Collection. This is perfect for non-designers or brand designer who enjoy the ease of Showit, but don’t want to dive deep into coding or learning how to develop these custom add-ons for their clients. And it’s great for web designers who want to offer more dynamic canvases in their designs.


What if I change my mind . Can I get my money back?


Since this is a digital product and you are unable to return it, all sales are final. If you have any questions about if this is a good fit for you, send me an email!


Which pricing tier is right for me?


The "Single Use" pricing tier is ideal if you plan to use each canvas only once. You can use different canvases on different websites, which means you can potentially use the Canvas Collection on up to 10 different websites if each website uses a different canvas.

The "Unlimited Use" pricing tier is ideal if you want to use a canvas multiple times and on multiple websites. With this pricing tier, you have unlimited use of the Canvas Collection.

If you have any questions on which option is best for you, please reach out to or send me a DM on Instagram. 

Say goodbye to boring websites

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