Chur is a creative project for a sustainable and socially conscious skin care brand for the relaxed and classic woman. The branding uses a juxtaposition of a natural color palette and intricate patterns to create a classic and timeless yet fresh and current branding for the modern woman.



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+  Branding and Brand Identity
+  Packaging Design
+  Website Design

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Women need more skincare brands that celebrate their natural beauty. They need sustainable, socially conscious brands to help them feel beautiful just the way that they are all while helping them protect their skin. That’s what Chur and their team of skincare specialists provide. Our mission was to help Chur communicate to women that they deserve to be celebrated in their most natural and effortless way so that women can feel empowered and confident in their buying decisions. 

The mission:

We designed Chur’s visual identity from the ground up, capturing the new company’s fresh yet classic vibe in a new logo and brand style guidelines. We designed packaging that users colors that are reminiscent of skin tones and earthy greens that communicate their environmental consciousness but in a fresh and engaging way. We then built a highly-effective website that helps engage users and convert customers. Playing with patterns was important to this project and we brought in inspiration from wallpaper and classic works of art. It was important for us to mix patterns in a way that was interesting yet effortless, just like the Chur woman. 

The outcome:

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