Behind the brand

Chur is a personal passion project for a natural skin care brand that embodies the essence of gratitude. The name Chur, which means "thank you" or "that's awesome" in various languages, serves as a nod to the power of expressing gratitude. The brand is dedicated to providing high-quality, organic skincare products that are gentle on the skin and the environment. Chur believes that beauty comes from within and that by using natural ingredients, they can help their customers achieve healthy and radiant skin. 


Brand Identity 
Packaging Design


Photography and Styling by Stephanie Abbitt

Brand Deep Dive

Chur's packaging is a perfect balance between natural and cool. We opted for a simple design with earthy tones, which gives their products a natural feel. The packaging looks beautiful on a shelf and is easily recognizable due to its unique design. We strived to achieve a balance between natural and trendy, which appeals to a wide range of customers. The minimalist design gives the impression of simplicity, while the cool color scheme adds a touch of sophistication.

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