Behind the brand

Dream Cakes creates custom wedding cakes that are too gorgeous to eat, too delicious not to. Founded almost 30 years ago, when I first started talking to Johanna about her brand’s goals she mentioned she wanted to have an elevated but approachable branding, and to bring joy to people through cake.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
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Photography by Lauren Kay
Copywriting by Ideaction Consulting

Brand Deep Dive

We kicked off the project with a strategy call to understand Dream Cakes' goals, vision, and ideal future. This was to ensure that the brand identity and website would be in line with them. Through our exploration of different logos, we identified a few key points to communicate:

Cake as Art

Gone are the days of traditional cakes; they can be art pieces or expressions of the couple.

Quality Ingredients

Dream Cakes believes that quality ingredients lead to quality cakes. It was important for the brand experience to reflect the quality of cake that Dream Cakes is known for.

Online Experience

One of our primary objectives for the website was to make Dream Cakes' operations more efficient. This would reduce the amount of time they spent on email explaining their process, pricing structure, and managing smaller projects.

During the strategy phase, we identified the needs of Dream Cakes' ideal client. These needs included clarity regarding the process and pricing structure, as well as reducing stress when communicating with vendors. To address this, we created transparent pricing with custom cake icons to clearly differentiate the different pricing levels.

Clear Pricing Structure

To save time on smaller projects, we implemented a streamlined self-checkout experience. We divided the checkout process into multiple steps to ensure Dream Cakes can collect all the necessary information for a custom cake without overwhelming customers. This included custom icons and conditional logic functionality.

Streamlined self-checkout

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