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the easiest template for designers to get website content from their clients

Prompt Copy Workbook

Finally, get your copy on time without sending another nagging email to your client

Save hours of your time

so you can focus on the work you actually like doing

Provide a white glove experience

Keep your projects on task

leaving your clients raving about you

so you can work with your clients in a stress-free way

What if getting copy from your clients could actually be stress-free?

With the right template you can...

The Prompt Copy Workbook is the done-for-you template for any designer who wants to get copy quickly from their client without having to send another nagging email. The template is perfect if you are working with service providers and  includes prompts for Homepage, About, Services, Blog, Contact, and FAQs.

Prompt Copy Workbook

the struggle ends today, friend.

What you get with your template

Copy Writing Template

Available as a Google Doc and a Notion template. This template is filled with website strategy and prompts to help guide your client when writing their content. Quickly duplicate, add your own colors and send to your client so they can start easily writing their own copy

Bonus: Feedback Guide

Getting feedback can be messy. This guide outline how to give good constructive feedback and keeps your feedback organized

Bonus: SEO Fundamentals Guide

Use this internally or share it with your client to give them more insight into how SEO works and how to update and maintain the SEO on their website after you have worked together

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- Ashley

"I could cry these templates are so amazing! I don't think I could express how grateful I am to you."

- abby

"I am on cloud nine! I adore my new site... I'm really proud of myself. Branding has always been a foreign concept to me but your templates essentially "unlocked" it and gave me clarity. Since launching my new site I've been able to raise my rates by $800!"

- angelica

My favorite part of the process was how the template was already made for me! I was able to input my information and photos onto the site. It made the editing process so much faster than I have ever experienced in creating my business website...I feel so much more confident and excited to show everyone my website!

Duplicate and send

Content with Confidence

No more Nagging Emails

Stop recreating the wheel

Duplicate and send to your client in less than one minute or quickly add in your own branding.

Look like the expert that you are and finally get content from your clients with total confidence. 

Get your content on time with no more dreaded emails and pushed back deadlines.

In one click, duplicate the template for each new client.

With the Prompt Copy Workbook, you will:

The Full Rundown?

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The Prompt Copy Workbook Was Made For You If:

   Your clients are always missing their deadlines and projects are running into each other

   You've been emailing your clients for months trying to get content from them

   You have a bomb ass project management system, your contract outlines exact timelines but your projects are still a hot mess

   You know writing for yourself can be hard and you want to serve your client in the best way possible

   You've already spent way too much time trying to get copy from your clients on your own


I've gotcha


How long will it take me to start using this template?


Once you've purchased, you get immediate access to the template. Simply make a copy of it and send it to your client as-is! Or make some quick edits to brand it for your brand.


How long will I have access to the Prompt Website Workbook?


You will have lifetime access to the template! You'll be able to make a copy and save it to your own account and use it over and over again.


What if I change my mind - can I get my money back?


Since this is a digital product and you are unable to return it, all sales are final. If you have any questions about if this is a good fit for you, send me an email!

Designers struggling to keep their projects on task because they're spending so much time chasing down clients to get their content on time. And I get it!

Not getting content quickly can be incredibly frustrating. But I created the Prompt Copy Workbook to help you finish projects in a stress-free more profitable way - without sending nagging emails to your clients. Because you deserve an easier way to keep your projects moving forward. 

If we haven't met before...

As a designer, I see it all. the. time.

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Finally, get your copy on time without sending another nagging email to your client

Prompt Copy Workbook