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For online business coaches and educators

Webinar Funnel

You've done the hard work of putting together your webinar or challenge but now you need a simple, stress-free way to get people to actually sign up. That's where we come in. This easy to edit Showit template add-on is strategically designed to drive more signups (and resulting in more sales!) 


Showit Website Template

Say goodbye to code

no complicated tech

No additional Subscriptions

You already have showit

Get more signups

that result in more sales

Make your website truly yours with Showit’s customizable drag & drop builder- no code required.

Why pay for a complicated funnel sites when you already have the magical power of Showit at your fingertips?

Get ready to exceed your launch goals. This funnel is built with connection and conversions in mind.

Stay on Brand

be memorable

With this Showit template add-on it's easy to keep every touchpoint of your brand cohesive and memorable. 

What you get with your template

3 fully customizable, conversion based layouts for mobile and desktop so you can stay on brand while getting more signups

HIgh converting layout and copy prompts to drive more registrations

Pre-loaded colors, fonts, and images

Get ready to exceed your launch goal! Start promoting your webinar or challenge quickly and easily. Add the template to your existing Showit site, switch to your branding (or don't!), and watch the registrations come in. 

Webinar Funnel

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Tutorial video to show you how to easily edit your template

Showit Website Template




How to Launch Your Site in 7 Days


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An easy to edit website template that is just as ambitious as you.

Webinar or Challenge Funnel