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For our third episode in the Guest Expert Series, Morgan Moore gives us the scoop on working as a Virtual Assistant and how we should approach out-sourcing. In the designer space especially, outsourcing is oftentimes tossed around as a clear-cut solution to growing your business, but we often don’t talk about the details that go […]

Guest Expert Series 03: Morgan Moore on Hiring & Outsourcing

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Like any small business, running a design business comes with its own ebbs and flows in inquiries. Some months you may get a ton of people ready to invest in your services, and other months may be quieter. It’s highly likely that these slumps in outreach have little to do with you and your work […]

Creative Cash Infusion Ideas for Designers

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January flew by in a flurry and with that we celebrated the first official month of Quill Collective, a new online community space for designers and creatives to create meaningful connections and learn from each other. It’s easily been my favorite part of the year so far. Part of the Collective includes bringing on guest […]

Guest Expert Series 02: Stefani of December Oak on Web Design & Systems

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Packaging Design Guest Expert Series 01: Lauren of Elby Creative

For 2021, a big business goal was to create a community space for designers and other creatives to connect, share, and collaborate and from this Quill Collective was born. Hosted on a platform called Circle which is essentially the hipper child of Slack and Facebook, Quill Collective now boasts nearly 300 members and it’s been […]

Guest Expert Series 01: Lauren of Elby Creative on Packaging Design

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Quill & Co Design

If you want to book higher-end clients you need to be able to attract higher-paying clients. And to do so, your work should reflect the higher-end product that you deliver AND your personal brand aesthetic should reflect the high-end design experience that you provide. It’s crucial that both pieces of the puzzle are included, otherwise, […]

How to position yourself as a high-end designer

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Tropical exotic protea flower

Whew, this is a hot topic. There are a lot of opinions, thoughts, and insight about how creative entrepreneurs should and shouldn’t be pricing themselves. Oftentimes I see people in Facebook groups asking, “What should I charge for this?” hoping that other creatives will give them guidance on a tricky subject. But here’s the very […]

Successfully pricing yourself as a designer

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Practicing drawing

Practice makes perfect. I know, it’s icliché, but it’s said for good reason. There is very little in life that comes naturally and even our favorite hobbies require hours of practice in order to enjoy them. The same rings true in design, especially for new designers. Most people don’t want to say it nor hear […]

The Importance of Practice

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