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SUMMARY Using mockups within your website is a great way to make your offerings feel tangible and real, as well as showing what the offering entails. Rather than making you boot up Photoshop to create mockups. We’ve come up with an easy way to build the mockups within Showit. Making it simple to update as […]

How to Create Mockups within Showit

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SUMMARY Podcasts have become a very common progression of content creation for many different industries. From personal experience I know that it is very rewarding work and a great way to get more personal with your audience. So if you’re ready to give a podcast a shot, allow me to help you set up a […]

How to Set Up a Podcast Section on Your Showit Website

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SUMMARY Wondering how to update the categories on our Showit website template? These blog categories are important to make blog posts organized and easy accessible to your readers. For this walk through I’ll be using our Showit Website Template – August & Park. If you aren’t using this template, don’t worry. The process will look […]

How to Update Blog Categories on your Showit Website

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I know, I know. Pop ups can be very annoying as a user, but they are a great way to bring attention to a task that you’d like the user to take part in and they work! Obviously it’s extremely hard to ignore, and of course the user can always click out of it and […]

How To Make and Use Pop Ups on Your Showit Website

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Summary Having a blog roll on the home page of your website is a great way to get traffic to your blog posts. This not only makes it easy for visitors to access your blogs but it also allows them to understand the content that you cover there and that it is of value for […]

How to Add a Blog Roll to Your Showit Website Home Page

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Summary A video background is a fun way to add movement to grab your visitor’s attention as soon as they enter onto your website, and the process to set it up is SO easy! Join me as I walk you through all the steps! For this walk through I’ll be using our best selling Showit […]

How to Add a Video Background to Your Showit Website

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A lot of times on social media we’ll see fellow designers announcing that they’re booked out for the next six months or that they only have one more spot for the year. Back in the day, when I saw this, it would send me spiraling. I would compare myself to them, doubt myself and wonder […]

Why I Never Want to be “Booked Out”

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When it comes to finding clients, it is important to know who your target audience is. What type of projects you would be willing to take on, and most importantly what types of projects would you be most excited to work on? This process of figuring out what you want your business to look like […]

How to Find Clients

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The sales call is the biggest moment of any project (other than maybe the launch) but in order to launch a project you first need to get the client on board by giving them an offer they couldn’t possibly refuse. Which is why I rate the sales call slightly above the launch. This is the […]

The Number One Thing to Nailing a Sales Call




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