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If you’re been with Quill & Co. for a while, you know we’re allllll about Brand Strategy and why it can work wonders for small businesses. And if you’re new to these parts of the interwebs, first off, welcome! And second off, you should know that on the blog we chat a lot about brand […]

The Ultimate Guide to Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy



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Using brand strategy diagrams in your design services.

“Design is thinking made visual.” This short but powerful quote by Saul Bass has always resonated deeply with me. Design is the gateway to share our thoughts and ideas but through shapes and elements instead of solely relying on words. When we think about it that way, it’s pretty powerful. While some ideas are easier […]

Brand Strategy Diagrams Make Powerful Visual Tools

Brand Strategy



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How to write website copy

Industry jargon can be confusing, no matter what field you’re in. For us folks in the branding and web design world, some of our terms can look like: brand values, mission statement, value proposition, brand personality, archetypes, messaging, vision statement, attributes, values, competitive analysis… the list goes on and on!  And sure, we as designers […]

6 Essential Questions Brand Strategy Should Answer

Brand Strategy



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desk workspace

“Branding” is a confusing word and gets defined in many different ways. But it can be understood by how you make people feel, what makes you unique, and how you serve your people. Through both language and visuals, all of these are answered and help clients understand what a brand stands for. Branding cannot exist […]

The Brand Iceberg: Understanding why Both Strategy + Visuals are Key

Brand Strategy



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brand strategy

For many years, like most designers, my branding questionnaire was the first step with my clients once they officially booked me. But over time I began to realize that it wasn’t serving my clients or myself in the way I intended it to work. Through frustration and mis-alignment in projects that lead to multiple rounds […]

Why I Stopped Sending a Branding Questionnaire:

Brand Strategy



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