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At the beginning of the year I was feeling like my branding wasn’t fitting with my style anymore, I realized the colors I was using looked nice and I liked them, but they weren’t a great representation of me and my ‘vibe’. So I decided to rebrand. I picked colors that I gravitate towards. It’s […]

The Perfect Brand Color Palette for Your Brand is Allowed to Change




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Okay listen up, here’s why you need to have professional brand photos taken asap! Firstly brand photos are a suite of professional photos that represent you, your brand, and what you do. Having this suite of photos will position you as being professional, organized, and effortlessly on brand in everything your brand puts out. Stock […]

Brand Photoshoots




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okay, okay – hear me out. It’s not that I don’t value authenticity because I do! In fact, I believe that for a modern brand to succeed they NEED to be authentic. People are craving more transparent brands now more than ever. And we can see through the bullshit. But here’s the thing- authenticity isn’t […]

Authentic Isn’t a Value




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Seriously though! Purchasing a Showit template could be the best brand decision you ever make for your business. The price you pay for a fully customizable, pre-designed website, with live chat support, AND with no coding necessary is worth every penny. And I’m not just saying that! A professional site that is easy to use […]

How to Edit a Showit Template

Branding, Web Design



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If you’ve been around for a while you know that I’m totally obsessed with brand strategy and talk about it all of the time, and if you are new you can read more about my love for brand strategy here, here, and here. But let’s be real, developing a brand strategy can be a lot […]

Park 21 Design: How I Created a Brand in One Day

Brand Strategy, Branding



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The other night, like most nights, I hopped into bed with my favorite mug of pipin’ hot mint tea and started reading one of the current books on my nightstand: High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. One of his talking points is that high performers have more clarity on who they are and what they […]

Three Questions Every High Performing Brand Should Be Able to Answer




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How to Pick the perfect Color Palette

Nothing annoys me more than when someone says, “Ugh, that is such an ugly color.” I truly believe that there are no ugly colors. However, if you mix the wrong colors together you can create an ugly color palette. There is a science to creating the perfect brand color palette to your brand and the […]

Creating the Perfect Brand Color Palette




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Marisa of Quill & CO.

Starting up your own business is a lot of hard work and you have to strategically choose where to invest your time and money. That’s why I’m not against DIY branding – it’s great for those just starting out and who are not sure who their ideal client is yet. But there comes a point […]

4 Signs You Have Outgrown Your DIY Branding




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Signs for a rebrand

Branding is so much more than your logo or company name. It’s your complete brand message. It’s how the world perceives you.  When your business doesn’t have branding it struggles to communicate its core values to its potential customers. Often times businesses start with branding and then evolve and grow and lose touch with their […]

4 Signs That Your Business is Ready For A Rebrand




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