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What is a design VIP Day? Design VIP days are where you get my undivided attention for the whole day and we work intensely on your project for the day. They have quickly become one of my favorite ways to work with clients because we’re able to achieve months of work in just one day. […]

Design VIP Days: Get Your Custom Project Done in One Day

Marketing, Web Design



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You know what I’ve come to realize? It can be so easy for us to focus on getting new website visitors through different marketing tactics like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. But sometimes we don’t need MORE traffic, we just need to optimize for the traffic we are already getting. Once you know that your website […]

Is Your Website Costing You Money? Mine Was!

Case Study, Web Design



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Webinars are a great event to boost excitement for an upcoming launch! Whether you’re planning to launch a digital product, like an online course or guide, or a new service you’re offering, hosting a webinar is a smart way to show your authority and smash emails to use for marketing efforts around your launch! As […]

Key Elements of a Perfect Webinar Page

Web Design



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Showit has become my preferred website platform of choice, you can read me wax poetry on why it’s my favorite to recommend small business owners over here and learn why I switched from WordPress to Showit. Since making that big jump, I’ve grown to love the platform even more because of its easy-to-use drag and […]

How to switch from WordPress to Showit. What to know before you switch to Showit

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Showit remains such a powerful website builder, and one of the main perks of the platform being the unique ability to have a code-free website and Showit blog backed by the power of WordPress. For those new to Showit as a platform, check out this in-depth article on why I switched my own website to […]

Optimize Your Showit Blog: The Ultimate Checklist

Web Design



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It took me years to realize I wasn't clear on who my brand was, what my values were, or which ideal clients I wanted to notice me. I want to save you that time.

It's a struggle to stand out in a sea of sameness. But I believe, it doesn't have to be that way. I believe that you deserve a brand that speaks to your dream clients, that makes you stand out and has an original feel that captures your story & mission.

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