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Time Management — a hot topic for entrepreneurs and extremely important for thriving as a small business owner. At times it can feel like everyone and their brother has a strong opinion on time management and what works best. But just like anything in business, a strong time management system is very personal and comes […]

Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs




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brand strategy crash course

What is brand strategy? You’ve probably heard the term brand strategy thrown around quite a bit. But everyone seems to have a different definition of what it means and the term is actually miss-used quite often. So before we dive into all the details, first let’s define what brand strategy actually is.  Here’s the definition […]

4 Reason Why Designers Should Be Hosting Brand Strategy Workshops




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Brand Strategy

Welcome to the confusing, incredible, too-on-trend world of “branding”. It’s kind of a sh*t-show at the moment. (Just the phrase brand strategy is overused and misunderstood. Like everyone has a totally different definition of brand strategy and some designers even use it to just mean “hey, I put some thought into your branding.” But frankly, […]

Brand Strategy: What the *bleep* does it even mean?




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Showit website templates vs. Custom design

Should I buy a Showit website template or invest in custom design? I get asked this question all the time either on Instagram or on potential client and calls and I wanted to give you my 100% complete honest and unbiased feedback. There is a need for both Showit website templates and for custom design […]

Showit Website Templates vs. Custom Web Design




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Font Psychology : Brand Fonts

Switching a font out in your brand fonts can make a huge impact on what your brand communicates to your audience. The typography that you use with your brand and website will create an emotional impact with your audience and you want to make sure it’s creating the kind of emotion and connection that you […]

Brand Fonts Psychology: Choosing brand fonts that connect with your audience




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