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I worked with Well Set on a brand refresh for their VIP Day before we kick-start their website overhaul. These VIP days are a great way to work closely in a one-day sprint to get your brand launched. They are a perfect fit for businesses that already have a brand strategy in place or that […]

Well Set: Refreshed Brand in a Day

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While doing my daily scroll on TikTok the other day I came across a video posted by The Washington Post (yes they’re on TikTok and their content is amazing go give them a follow, after you finish reading this of course). The TikTok video highlights instances of artwork being taken down from different social media […]

Nude Artwork gets Banned from Social Media… Now on OnlyFans?

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Have you heard about this? Currently on the app TikTok, user @emilyzugay has been using her degree in graphic design to redesign logos for well known brands. This is an often practice or assignment for art students. Well… boy has Emily been getting some practice in! And people on TikTok are eating this series! Take […]

Are These Hideous TikTok Rebrands Building Brand Affinity?

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Creating and launching a website for your business can be stressful, confusing, and challenging. Website creation requires an understanding of design, marketing, website flow / interaction, technology, a bit of coding, and so much more. Trust me, even after helping multiple clients through the process, having years of experience, and investing thousands on education – […]

How to Make a Professional Website That Still Has Personality: A Showit Template Case Study

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You know what I’ve come to realize? It can be so easy for us to focus on getting new website visitors through different marketing tactics like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. But sometimes we don’t need MORE traffic, we just need to optimize for the traffic we are already getting. Once you know that your website […]

Is Your Website Costing You Money? Mine Was!

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Showit Template Homepage

Color palettes, font combinations, knowing what to say, and where to say it. Design can be HARD. I mean, take it from me, as someone who has spent her whole life drawing and practicing design, invested thousands on design education, and worked at a design agency – I still struggle with making standout work. So […]

Unlocking the Code to Building a Beautiful Converting Website

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