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January flew by in a flurry and with that we celebrated the first official month of Quill Collective, a new online community space for designers and creatives to create meaningful connections and learn from each other. It’s easily been my favorite part of the year so far. Part of the Collective includes bringing on guest […]

Guest Expert Series 02: Stefani of December Oak on Web Design & Systems

For Designers, Guest Expert Series



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Creatives are constantly sharpening their skills and arsenal of tools, and as brand designers in particular typography is one of the important ones. A favorite component of branding for me personally, good typography can truly make or break a brand’s vibe — especially when it comes to life on a website. I find it to […]

Finding Fonts: The Best Free & Paid Typography Resources




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Packaging Design Guest Expert Series 01: Lauren of Elby Creative

For 2021, a big business goal was to create a community space for designers and other creatives to connect, share, and collaborate and from this Quill Collective was born. Hosted on a platform called Circle which is essentially the hipper child of Slack and Facebook, Quill Collective now boasts nearly 300 members and it’s been […]

Guest Expert Series 01: Lauren of Elby Creative on Packaging Design

For Designers, Guest Expert Series



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Inside my head can feel really messy sometimes, so in order for me to stay sane two things need to always be organized: 1. My house 2. Quill & Co. HQ. Without some semblance of structure in both these places, I start to feel all over the place and usually end up not being as […]

Stay Organized With Notion: Inside Quill & Co. HQ




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Using brand strategy diagrams in your design services.

“Design is thinking made visual.” This short but powerful quote by Saul Bass has always resonated deeply with me. Design is the gateway to share our thoughts and ideas but through shapes and elements instead of solely relying on words. When we think about it that way, it’s pretty powerful. While some ideas are easier […]

Brand Strategy Diagrams Make Powerful Visual Tools

Brand Strategy



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